Mascara base / Eyelash serum
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CLEAR BLACK [with fibers]
Contains two types of black fibers, 2mm and 3mm. Adds volume and length to your lashes naturally. Also, even if you use it as a base, the fibers adhere to the mascara applied from above, making it possible to further increase the volume.
  • "Soil care" with UZU's unique natural mineral ingredients
  • Select plant-derived ingredients that have been known to be beneficial for hair since ancient times.
  • Low-molecular-weight fucoidan derived from seaweed is also added.
  • Hold eyelashes upward while maintaining moisture and suppleness.
Warm-water rinse-off / Serum ingredients / Contains fiber

Apply evenly to clean eyelashes one by one, combing them up from the root.


Mascara base / Eyelash serum


    Water / Acrylates Copolymer / Beeswax / BG / Ethanol / Glyceryl Stearate / Stearic Acid / Nylon-6 / Pentylene Glycol / Carnauba Wax / Squalane / Sorbitan Stearate / Hexa(Hydroxystearate/Stearate/Rosinate) Dipentaerythrityl / AMPD / Hydroxyethyl Cellulose / Polyvinyl Alcohol / Phenoxyethanol / Xanthan Gum / Silica / Cladosiphon Nova Caledoniae Extract / Rhododendron Root Extract / Muwa Root Bark Extract / Loquat Leaf Extract / Jujube Fruit Extract / Red Clover Flower Extract / Macadamia Seed Oil / Grape Seed Oil / Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 / dextran / garnet powder / tocopherol / 1,2-hexanediol / polysorbate 60 / sodium dehydroacetate / carbon black / laureth-21 / EDTA-2Na / methylparaben / ethylparaben / iron oxide / alumina


    If you apply while matching the curve of the brush to the curve of your eyelids, you can use it smoothly. Be careful not to get the fibers in your eyes.


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Serum ingredient that cares for the "soil" and root of eyelashes

In addition to "soil care" with UZU's unique natural mineral ingredients, we have further pursued the effect on the roots and selected plant-derived ingredients that have been known to be benefical for hair since ancient times. An original blend of 4 carefully selected ingredients.

Serum ingredient that cares for the Serum ingredient that cares for the

"Curl Lock" achieved by serum ingredients

Highly water-retentive oils and vegetable squalane are used as the base material in the curling film, preventing eyelashes from drying out and promoting moisture retention. In addition, high-molecular-weight fucoidan, a component derived from seaweed, stays in the film, delivering a moisturizing effect.


"Lifting eyelash serum.
Ultimate lash curl from the roots with eyelash serum."

"From the moment you put it on until the moment you take it off". Enjoy beautiful lashes, all the time, while caring for them. Just like a skincare mask for your lashes, you can take care of your eyelashes while making them look more beautiful. This hybrid eyelash serum nurtures your eyelashes as they grow. The more you use it, the more you will want to use it.