Terms of Service

We will declare the following website for the website operated by FLOWFUSHI, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") (hereinafter referred to as "our site").
Please read the following terms of service before use and use only after agreeing. Also, please acknowledge that we have agreed to all of the following terms of use when you use it.

□ Users shall use this site in accordance with these Terms and Usage Guidelines separately specified by the Company.
□ The Company shall be able to change the contents of this site without notifying the user in advance.
□ Personal information of the user acquired on this site will be handled according to the privacy policy of this site.
□ We will refuse resale and diversion of products and services offered on this site.
□ The use, reproduction, reproduction, copying, selling, re-use of the product (image, product information) of this site, use and access of the service, for a part or the whole, for commercial purposes, Regardless of the form of sales etc, we prohibit it.


We will establish the following about our site operated by our company.
Please read the following terms of service before using and use only after agreeing. Also, please acknowledge that we have agreed to all of the following terms of use when you use it.

□ We are not responsible for any information posted on this site or for any troubles, losses or damages caused by using this site.
□ We do not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the failure of the user to use this site.
□ The Company shall be exempted from disposing of the affairs pursuant to the registered contents of the user.
□ Expenses related to installation of computer equipment and communication equipment, etc. necessary for users to use this site, telephone charges required for using this site, usage fees such as LAN, application fee, We will be responsible for your own burden.
□ Users shall use Internet Explorer 10 or above, the latest version of FireFox, Google Chrome as browsers for comfortable browsing and use of this site.
We will not accept any responsibility and we will not accept any questions if we encounter problems such as incorrect display of screen due to use of browser other than our designation.
Please pay attention to the management of the password when registering as a member.
If you are registered as a member, you are responsible for the management of that password.
We assume the responsibility of the act done by using the password is the responsibility of the user.
In the unlikely event that a password leakage is detected to a third party,support@uz.teamPlease contact us.
We do not guarantee any damage caused by leakage of password, improper use etc.
□Regardless of the reason, we are not responsible for any damages caused by changes in the information, file name etc. posted on this site, or interruption or cancellation of this site, regardless of the reason.
In addition, we are not responsible for the contents of any other website linked to this site.

About Dealings

The user shall not do the following.

Usage behavior deviating from normal use
□ Any other troublesome act
Act that disturbs the operation of this site
□ Acts that infringe trademark rights, copyrights, privacy or other rights or acts that might cause them
□ Application for internet member registration by false registration contents
□ Order by false content, order by others' Internet membership, or act to cooperate with them
□ Order and sample application for resale

Prohibited Matters

If the customer falls under any of the following items, our site can refuse orders unconditionally regardless of whether the contract is established or not.

□ For orders that violate the above prohibited behavior
Payment of fee etc. In case of delayed performance or default by obligation
□ If you can not settle through cards due to card payment application
□ In case of an unauthorized use or use of an Internet member ID and password of another person
□ For those who are under 18 years of age and who do not receive parental consent
□ If you can not contact even by telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. by the communication means notified by the customer
□ If you can not answer the inquiries from our site regarding order
□ If our site determines that it is an order for resale or preparation thereof
□ If the order is beyond the quantity used by a normal end user and the reason is unclear
□ If our site determines that returns and exchanges are repeated over and over so that normal transactions are difficult
In case of violating this agreement or shopping guide
□ In addition, when judging that this site is inappropriate as a member
□ When we receive an order exceeding the limitation if we have a quantity restriction on sales conditions according to our standards □ We accept orders that are subject to resale, resale or for-profit pursuant to our standards
Until it becomes obvious that there is no problem concerning the situation in the previous section, this site may stop the shipment. This website will not bear any responsibility even if disadvantage or damage to the customer occurs due to this site taking measures in the preceding two paragraphs.

Consultative Matters · Agreement Jurisdiction

In case of a problem between the user and this site, we will negotiate with each other in good faith and resolve it. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if you do not resolve by consultation, both the user and this site shall make a court of exclusive jurisdiction for the Tokyo District Court, and shall file a lawsuit, file an appeal for mediation, etc.