UZU and

UZU is cruelty-free, and is committed to safe, sustainably sourced ingredients, and to long-term ecological balance. We believe this is achievable only through the continuous application of creativity and innovation, which we apply not only to our products, but to our values.

Traditional Japanese brush

making had been an industry in steady decline due to its higher production costs compared to more modern manufacturing methods. The company has helped to revive interest in the dying art, with a younger generation of craftsmen studying the delicate and precise art of traditional brush making, allowing the ancient tradition to prosper.

The packaging

for all UZU products add a layer of creativity to the pulp-mold technique, creating an attractive and sensible design that uses a minimum of materials, incorporating recycled papers.

The product container

is made with recycled plastic and recycled steel, mixed together with a technique called Free Blend. This innovation allows us to manage the weight and texture of the product, allowing sustainability and luxury to co-exist.