01/01/2019 PRESS RELEASE

FLOWFUSHI Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Representative of Minato-ku, Tokyo: Masayuki Kuwashima) will start a teaser campaign "KEEP OR DROP" in New York from the second half of January, launching a new brand launch.
The release of the new brand in Japan is scheduled for March 14th.

Sampling of one liquid eyeliner hiding all frames such as "brand name", "price", "selling place", which is used as a criterion when judging the value of things in New York To do.

”When people first encountered the feeling of BEAUTY and reproduced” the state without any frame of & rdquo; and in the state of Unframe which there is absolutely no biased information when judging the value of things, this eyeliner simply Have you judge whether you like or dislike, KEEP or DROP, if it is KEEP launch a new brand in the US market, if it is DROP will stop selling in the USA.

2019.03.14 New brand launch

※In the case of DROP, the release in the United States will be canceled, but in Japan, it will be released on March 14 regardless of the result of KEEP OR DROP.
After launching Liquid Eyeliner, we will launch each product category in turn, and we are planning to introduce new products from time to time as needed.



Teaser campaign site [KEEP OR DROP]

New brand Instagram official account.

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